Learning in Ampthill Great Park

Family Forest School

Our first forest school for families have been taking place during 2016 with 6-week courses and one off activity session formats.  Families have been busy having fun learning about the park environment and interacting with the natural elements of the park; learning new skills building shelters and dens, whittling wood for bug hotels, bubble blowers and beads; learning how to use tools; inventing stories about the park using the story telling discs, taking part in bug hunts and bug labs; learning survival skills including fire lighting, tree climbing and so much more.  The 90 minute sessions have been packed with activity and fun for adults and children alike, with a subtle educational focus underpinning the session schedules.  If you are interested in taking part in our Forest School courses and would like further information or would like to be notified when our next courses will be running in 2017 please email Lindsay at l.measures@ampthilltowncouncil.org.uk.

Forest School is a great way for people of all ages and abilities to learn and have fun in a natural environment.  If you are a group or work with groups of people and would like more information about taking part in our Forest School learning experience in Ampthill Great Park please get in touch.


Walks and talks

Throughout the year we will be holding a series of educational and fun events, such as evening bat walks, bird song recognition, nature trails, fungi foray, tree trail, and so much more. These events are all designed to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the Park and its environment.

Keep a look out for these events being advertised as they have proved to be popular and well attended. There are limited numbers for these events and so if you wish to be informed of when they will be scheduled, please forward your email address.