Ampthill Town Council's Sustainability Plan

31 July 2023

May be an image of text that says "What are you priorities for Ampthill Town Council's Sustainability Plan? Ampthill Town Council has made Sustainability Plan to help us focus on actions to reduce carbon footprints, protect nature, minimise waste and help our community prepare for future changes. We would like to know what aims and actions in the plan are most important to you. You can answer the survey questions without reading the Sustainability Plan, but you would like to, available at t/"

What should Ampthill Town Council be doing about climate change and the environment?

Ampthill Town Council has made a Sustainability Plan to act on climate change and the environment in ways that help our community. We want to know what parts of the plan matter most to you . Please complete our short survey to help us review the plan and make it better.

Link to the survey

You don’t need to read the plan to do the survey, but if you would like to it’s here.

Please note that the survey needs to be completed by 31st August 2023