Dog Walking

Please keep your dog on a lead in the car parks and in the vicinity of the Coffee Lodge. 
This is for the safety of your dog and other visitors to the park.

Walking your dog in Ampthill Park and GreenSpaces

Ampthill Park is a pleasant place to walk dogs - its varied landscape is accessible all year round and offers dogs the freedom to get plenty of exercise and meet other dogs and their owners – and not surprisingly is a popular activity at the park.

In addition, as one of the most visible and frequent activities in the countryside dog owners act as wardens - providing the eyes and ears of land managers who often have limited resources. In this way they can contribute to conserving our countryside as living, accessible places.

We want you to make the most of your visit to Ampthill Park so please follow these tips to keep you and your dog safe:

  • Always keep your dog on a lead in the car parks and please make sure you have plenty of dog waste bags with you. Dog waste bins are located around the Park and you can also place bags into the other waste bins.
  • Dogs are not allowed on sports fields or in the children's play area or reservoir.
  • Sorry, dogs are not allowed into the Coffee Lodge. There is seating outside the Lodge where you can find water and biscuits for your dog but please keep your dog on a lead.
  • Never let your dog out of sight and train it to come back when called.
  • Never let your dog chase wildlife or grazing  animals - it could get injured too.
  • Unless you’re already friends, keep your dog away from other people and their dogs not everyone loves your dog as much as you do!
  • Always clean up after your dog.
  • Look out for runners, grass cutting equipment - for everybody’s safety it’s best to put your dog on a lead as they come by.

Never leave your dog alone in a car on a warm day. If you see a dog in distress in a hot car, dial 999.
Many people still believe that it’s ok to leave a dog in a car on a warm day if the windows are left open or they’re parked in the shade, but the truth is, it’s still a very dangerous situation for the dog. A car can become as hot as an oven very quickly, even when it doesn’t feel that warm. When it’s 22 degrees, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees within the hour.

Dogs out of control
Owners of dogs causing a nuisance in Ampthill Park and other green spaces will be directed by a Park Ranger to put their dog/s on a lead. This will reduce conflicts between users and ensure everyone can enjoy the area they are visiting.

Dog fouling
In the interests of all users, dog owners are expected to clean up after their dogs. Dog and general waste bins are provided in useful locations to make this as easy as possible. Any person not clearing up after their dog anywhere in the Park and green spaces will be subject to a fine.

Numbers of dogs per person
It can be difficult for one person to control and keep an eye on large numbers of dogs. If in doubt keep them on a lead so they are under your control.

Commercial Dog Walkers require a permit for Ampthill Park and Green Spaces; please contact the Town Council for further information.

Lost dogs 

To reduce the chance of losing your dog, please follow these tips:

• Make sure it is wearing a collar and tag with your name and contact details on it - the law requires this.
• Have your dog micro chipped and registered with the Kennel Club Petlog.
• Carry a photo of your dog to show people what to look for if it does go missing.

We hope that you and your dog have a great time in the park and green spaces around town.

Ampthill Park and green spaces are owned and managed by Ampthill Town Council and maintained by The Greensand Trust.

Dog Control Orders are also enforced in (green spaces) The Alameda and Sweetbriar, Cooper's Hill and Verne Drive open space. Sorry, dogs are not allowed in Kings Arms Garden. Dogs can enter the Town Cemetery provided they are on a lead.