Books for Sale

Available to purchase from the Town Council offices are some local history books as follows:

Ampthill Great Park - An Illustrated Guide - £5

Ampthill Great Park, a 'Capability Brown' site. To celebrate Brown's Tercentenary, Ampthill Town Council republished a version of the original guide produced by John Phibbs in 2012, as a compendium to the 2016 events in Ampthill.


Home Rule for Ampthill by Andrew Underwood - £1 per book

This book is a summary of the town's government through the Urban District Council and its antecedents. First published in 1974. The Urban District Council ceased on 31st March 1974 and the council felt that the period of local self government should be commemorated in some appropriate manner and as there was no official history of Ampthill at the time the council asked Mr Andrew Underwood to produce something that would give the present and future residents an idea of the development of their town and its government during this period.


Stencilling Tommy's Footprints by Stephen R Hartley - £5 per book

Profits from the book will benefit the charity Combat Stress.

Local history enthusiast Stephen Hartley has produced this booklet to tell the story of Tommy's Footprints and how it became reality. A column of 707 pairs of boot prints were stencilled in Ampthill Great Park to represent each of the fallen commemorated on the Duke of Bedford memorial in the Park. Over time the footprints gradually faded but they left a lasting legacy. Tommy's Footprints was always about making a difference - remembering the centenary of the Ampthill Camp, the fallen and the friends and family they left behind. Tommy's Footprints has helped to connect different groups from Ampthill and beyond.


Ampthill's Fallen by John Hele - £10 per book

Ampthill has the unusual distinction of having two war memorials following the First World War. The reasons behind this are simple, but led to considerable discourse between the town and church. There are 67 names on the two main memorials in the town, but the names are not identical. The background to the war, the battles the men fought in and the stories behind each of the 67 men who died is given, together with facts and figures on how Ampthill faired compared with other local villages concerning casualties is told in this book.

ISBN: 978 0 9542619 5 5