HLF Parks for People Project

Ampthill Great Park Heritage Lottery Fund Project

Project Update - June 2018

We are now entering the final year of the HLF Project and have completed the majority of the Capital projects. Works completed in recent months include:-

Opening up views fom the escaprpment over the Rezzy.

Restoring the Westminster Field hedge and creating better visual links across this area.

Stock fencing to Westminster Field, which has recently seen the return of the heritage Hereford Cattle. 

Re-opening of the Arena area following renovation works.

Works to trees including the felling of diseased and dangerous trees.

Planting of new Oaks in various locations.

The previously cleared areas have successfully recolonised and are being maintained as acid grassland. The wildflower areas look splendid and management will now focus on fine tuning the cutting and collection, and control of invasive species such as brambles.

There are some additional Capital works planned which include improving some of the footpaths and review of the central area. Subject to HLF approval we hope to make some improvemnts to access in the central car park and hub cafe.

The Park continues to attract an ever increasing number of visitors which does impact on the natural grass paths. The renovation of the Greensand Ridge path was not successful so we will carryout a more robust improvement in the autum of 2018.

We are continuing with a varied range of activities and events and working closely with the Festival Committees and others to enable as many people as possible to benefit from the Park and appreciate it history and heritage.

We will be undertaking an evaluation of the project to see what you the park users see as being a success, and what could have been done differently or better. It would be great to have your thoughts on what you think of the works and events over the past 4 years. You can email me on [email protected] or write to me at the council.

We would like to hold a party to celebrate all that is great about the Park, bring the whole community together to  play music, enjoy some food and have fun. If you would like to showcase your creative skills, maybe playing in a band, dancing, acting, I would be very happy to talk to you to see how you could be involved.

Phil Nicholson Park and Amenity Manager.

[email protected]

tel 01525 844173

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